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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Tesla Roadster receives a new transmission from BorgWarner

Tesla has created the first electric sportscar of the modern era, the Roadster, but the company was facing a huge problem: no gearbox was able to stand all the torque of the engine and the first units did not prove to be trustworthy. Since it would be troublesome not to start delivering the cars, the company decided to have some units with the transmission that was available and to look for a new supplier in the meantime. It took Tesla less than expected to replace the fragile two-speed gearbox for a one-speed transmission created by BorgWarner.

The new gearbox allowed Tesla to improve the powertrain. Now it produces 380 Nm instead of 286 Nm and its range has increased from 356 km to 393 km on a single charge. Produced since March, the Roadster currently has 27 owners, which can have the new engine and transmission in their cars for no costs. Production figures will reach ten cars a week, what states the company is now confident to mass-produce its revolutionary vehicle.

Source: Tesla

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