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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Volkswagen presents the New Fox, not headed for Europe anymore

Normally, emerging country citizens are the ones that had a sort of envy of European and North American customers that manage to buy modern and affordable cars while old projects are produced and sold in Latin America, Africa and Asia. The new VW Fox, just presented in Brazil, may be the first example of the opposite: European customers willing to buy a car that, at least for now, will not be exported to the Old World, as the current version is.

There are some reasons why the new Fox will not be seen in Europe. The first one is that the new VW Lupo, still only known as up!, will be available in European countries in the next few years. The second one it that the new Fox, which borrows its visual identity and some parts from the Polo V, will not be shipped due to homologation costs. According to Volkswagen, they would not be worth the volume of the car that is currently sold in Europe.

As the pictures present, the car has a new front fascia that is very similar to the one Polo V uses. The tail lights have also been modified. All changes have made the car look tougher, what may make it appeal more to the male public. The previous Fox rounded body made it a hit among women.

Besides the exterior, the car has also improved its interior with a more upscale trim and a new dashboard, with four clusters and a small screen for the car computer to present information on fuel consumption and allow the consumer to configure his/her main preferences.

As for the engines, nothing has changed. We are still waiting for a 1.4-litre powerplant, but the car will only be sold in Brazil with 1-litre and 1.6-litre engines, both able to consume petrol or ethanol at the same time.

Source: VW