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Friday, 6 February 2009

Mission Motor Company reveals its high perfomance electric motorcycle, the One

There are some electric motorcycles for sale in the world, but the Mission One must be the first high performance two-wheel vehicle to be produced in the world. Designed by Yves Béhar, it is able to achieve impressive numbers, such as 240 km/h of top speed and 240 km of range. All that only on electricity.

There are still some important numbers missing, such as 0 to 100 km/h time and weight, but the motorcycle is already amazing for what it proposes to deliver, or else, performance with no gas emission. Torque, which is fully available at any rev speed, is 156 Nm. Full charge of the batteries can be achieved in two hours in a 220V outlet. In a 110V outlet, this time is multiplied by four and reaches eight hours.

The first Mission One units will be part of a special series called Limited Edition. Each will bear a price tag of US$ 68,995. It may seem too much for a two-wheel vehicle, but Mission One features some of the best parts in the motorcycle market, such as Ohlins suspensions, Marchesini wheel rims and Brembo brakes. Besides, of course, the electric engine with no gearbox.

Source: Mission Motor Company via Autoblog Green

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Citroën releases first images of the new DS Inside

A rumour about Citroën bringing back the DS range has been around for the past few weeks and it has been confirmed. Exactly in the day André Citroën would have completed 131 years, if he was still alive (besides breaking a world record on longevity). Citroën has seized the opportunity to present its new logo and the concept car DS Inside, a vehicle that is supposed to give birth to the future DS3.

Clearly based on the new platform for the future C3, the DS Inside resembles the original DS only in its white roof. The 1955 DS was a revolutionary vehicle, the first one to bring Citroën's hydropneumatic self-leveling suspension system in all four wheels. Its design, created by Flaminio Bertoni, was also so striking it is difficult to have another vehicle to come even close to it, but Citroën apparently is not concerned about the innovations, but about the sofistication the DS nameplate may bring along. DS will now stand for Different Spirit.

Citroën states it will built three new DS models, DS3, DS4 and DS5. DS Inside, as we have already said, anticipates the first of them, DS3. It will probably share engines with C3, possibly the same ones jointly developed by Peugeot and BMW.

There is still no official lauch date for the new vehicles, but the same rumours that informed the DS range was about to get back also brought the information that DS3 would go to Citroën dealerships in the first half of 2010 and DS4 and DS5 would be around by 2011. Since these rumours proved to be more than rumours, but real information, we have no reasons to doubt it.

Source: Citroën

Renault reveals first pictures of the new Clio III

Pictures of a facelifted Clio III have emerged in many blogs, what made us all wait for the official images in a short period of time. And here they are. The new compact hatchback will be officially unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.

What is clear about this new car is that it has adopted the new visul identity of Renault, which has started with the new Laguna and been spreaded to Mégane III. Now, it's Clio's turn.

What is really new about the new car, besides the new appearance, is the presentation of the GT version. This is the car pictured in the images, but Renault has not released any information on the engines that power the sporty version. We will have to wait until March to know what is under the hood.

There are some secrets for the new Clio III that have not been kept from us, such as the Carminat TomTom GPS navigation system that is integrated to the centre console and features a 14.7 cm wide screen. The new system's price is estimated at less than 500 euros, what is not that low, afterall, but is better than the GPS systems you have to place on your windscreen.

Source: Renault

n2a Motors releases the price tags for Anteros and Anteros Roadster

n2a stands for No Two Alike. The name of the company really takes car customisation seriously and it has already demonstrated it with 789, a nostalgic US$ 135,000 car built over a Chevrolet Corvette. Now n2a Motors has revealed the price tags for another of its creations, Anteros.

As all the other cars n2a builts, Anteros is also a modified Corvette. The car takes styling cues from British and Italian machines and will be sold in two body types: coupe and convertible.

This car is powered by the LS7 V8 that power the Z06, but this engine's output can be upgraded to up to 650 bhp with the help of a supercharger. It would be wiser to adopt the LS9 engine that powers the ZR1, but n2a must prefer its own solution.

Prices are US$ 149,500 for the coupe, US$ 154,500 for the roadster and US$ 176,500 for any Anteros built over the Z06 chassi.

Source: n2a Motors via World Car Fans

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

LEAK! - See the first images of parts of the new Dacia Concept

When Renault presented its Brazilian concept, Sand'up, it was a huge disappointment. We expected to see the crossover vehicle that will be produced over the B0 platform, the same one used by Renault/Dacia Logan (sedan, MCV and Pick-Up), Sandero and Nissan Livina. Now Dacia has promised to unveil a new concept at the Geneva Motor Show and there is no comparison to what the French group has presented in Brazil. At least for what parts of this car reveal, something the Polish site has managed to do as a world premiere.

All we can see by these pictures, clearly scanned from some official materials from Dacia, is that the vehicle seems to have a coupe-like silhouette, but big wheels and Brembo brakes, what makes us assume this may be the crossover we expected to see in Brazil.

Sleek headlights and LED taillights also show the car is not only a modified Sandero, although it may have some styling cues in common with B0 hatchback. There are no news on engines or other technical specs, but you know we'll bring them to you as soon as they are revealed.

Source: via CarScoop