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Friday, 7 August 2009

Porsche will present the seventh generation of 911 Turbo in Frankfurt

Porsche has released today the first pictures and information about the seventh generation of 911 Turbo. The car has received important upgrades, the biggest one being an entirely new engine, a 3.8-litre six-cylinder boxer powerplant with direct fuel injection. Instead of the 420 bhp of the previous generation, this one can provide 500 bhp.

With this engine, the car is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.4 s and to reach a top speed of 312 km/h. Previously, its top speed was 305 km/h. Considering we are talking about an all-wheel drive car, this is quite a figure. Optionally, the car can be equipped with the PDK transmission, a dual-clutch automated manual seven-speed gearbox.

Although the car will be officially presented at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, its sales will only begin in November 21, in Europe, with a price tag of 122,400 euros for the coupe version and 131,800 euros for the cabrio.

Source: Porsche

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Eagle creates a very special Jaguar E-Type, the Speedster

When Jaguar E-Type was first presented, Enzo Ferrari stated it was the sexiest car ever built. Many agree with him, including Eagle, a company that is dedicated to this car. Eagle not only restores E-Type units, it also improves them by adopting modern solutions, in order to make them cars that can be used on an every day basis. If Eagle can improve the way the car works, why couldn't it improve the way it looks. Maybe because it would be very difficult to perfect what already looks perfect, but they have managed to do so with the Eagle E-Type Speedster. Have a look at this beauty below.

Paul Brace and his team were the people you can credit this car for. The idea has emerged when dr. Rick Velaj, from Connecticut, USA, asked Brace for something special. Considering all cars from Eagle are special (we'll tell you more about it later), what he really meant was that he wanted a car nobody else had, based on the E-Type. Brace has drawn some sketches, for a speedster version, and the idea was approved. With no time or money limits.

All E-Type cars made by Eagle are almost rebuilt in order to become more reliable. All electric systems are replaced by Bosch or Nippondenso, the body is entirely new, the chassi gets an extensive revision in search for problems and eventual replacement of parts and the engine also receives improvements. "We always use a proper XK Jaguar engine (and would only ever consider using proper Jaguar six-cylinders). Often we rework the original E-Type engine. We offer many variants of specification from big valve with sports cams to a lovely 4.7 litre rework. To achieve 4.7 we use a crankshaft especially built for us and different piston sizes (bored and stroked). We normally use original SU carburettors but sometimes use sequential fuel injection with individual throttle bodies and Pectel management. This is a fabulously efficient system", Brace told MotorTips.

In the Speedster case, the best was not enough. "We also offer an incredible XK engine which is 4.7 litre all aluminium block and head. Much lighter and with all the 4.7 litre torque. This is our very own aluminium block, which looks identical to the original E-Type block. Our 4.7 litre XK engine produces over 300 genuine bhp and over 474 genuine Nm of torque", Brace added.

The body has been modified to adopt the speedster style, with a custom windshield and other changes, such as the five-speed gearbox entirely made by Eagle itself (the original one was a four-speed unit), but one of them is special above all: the entire body is made of aluminium, what makes the car incredibly light.

Finish quality, as you may imagine, is huge, as in most hand-built vehicles. A regular Eagle E-Type can take more than 3,500 hours to be completed. The Speedster consumed 5,500 hours. Prices? Brace says they have not defined them, but he gives us an idea on how much it would cost. "We have not finalised the cost yet but our usual E-Type rebuilds cost £295,000 (plus any upgrade costs). The Speedster will be more, particularly because the body shell is entirely handmade in aluminium."

The good news, for the ones that can afford having such a car, is that anyone can have a Speedster. "We will build more if asked, but as we are a small company and it is hand built, we will only be able to produce a very small number (one per year?)". Mr. Velaj must not worry. The E-Type Speedster will remain a very special vehicle, even if improved units appear. "I would expect the next Speedster to incorporate an aluminium 4.7-litre block and fuel injection. It will weigh under 1,000 kg and have over 474 Nm of torque... AWESOME!", Brace said. We certainly agree!

Source: Eagle

Monday, 3 August 2009

Nissan unveils the LEAF, its first mass-production electric vehicle

Nissan has released this weekend the first pictures and information on the new LEAF, its first mass-produced all-electric car. The Japanese company expects to start selling the car by the end of 2010 in Japan, USA and Europe.

With a recharging time of 8 hours in a regular 200V outlet, LEAF is able to reach a top speed of 140 km/h. Nissan does not inform how long it takes for the car to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h, but it should not be very long, once it presents a 280 Nm engine, able to generate 80 kW (109 bhp). A single full charge provides a range of 160 km. A fast charger provides 70% of the charge in 30 minutes.

LEAF is 4.45 m long, 1.77 m wide, 1.55 m tall and bears a wheelbase of 2.70 m, what makes it a very roomy hatchback, able to carry up to five people. Although it is very similar to Tiida/Latio, LEAF is built over a dedicated platform, according to Nissan.

The Japanese automaker does not say how much the car will cost, it only gives us a hint on that: it will be the same price of a well-equipped C-segment vehicle. In other words, expect its price to be around US$ 20,000.

Source: Nissan