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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

BMW Z4 appears in movie shooting in the USA

BMW will unveil the new Z4 this month, but images of the new vehicle have already surfaced, even if not officially. The one you see below was obtained by Jason, from

It was taken in a BMW dealer where a new movie, with Michael Douglas, Solitary Man, is being shot. Though it did not come with any news about engines or dimensions, it gives us a pretty fair idea of what the car will look like. We're glad it is not only a movie that was being shot there, but also pictures!

Source: via

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Production-ready Fisker Karma will be presented at Detroit Auto Show

NAIAS, also known as Detroit Auto Show, will be a mirror of the North American car market when it opens its doors next year, in January. It will have very little to be proud of, since many carmakers have already decided not to attend it. Anyway, there is at least one good news expecting the event's visitor: the production-ready Fisker Karma, shown for the first time today.

Besides this first image of the car that will actually be sold, Fisker has also informed the car will use a 2-litre Ecotec direct-injection turbo petrol engine to recharge Karma's batteries. The company did not explain why Karma need a 260 bhp engine to do this job (a smaller engine would do the same with much less fuel), but this will probably be discussed when the car is officially presented. Meanwhile, you can also see the new electric sedan with fuel-powered recharging system undergoing tests. Let's hope they can make this beautiful car be also known for a sharp handling, great performance and ultra-low or no emissions at all. This would justify the US$ 87,900 price tag.

Source: Fisker Automotive

Monday, 1 December 2008

LEAKED! - VW presents the new Golf Plus ahead of Bologna

The new VW Golf Plus was scheduled to be officially presented next Wednesday, at Bologna Motor Show, but it seems someone has swapped folders and sent the ones about the new car to the wrong auto show. The fact is some Essen visitors, including AutoTelegraaf journalists, have managed to have one of these folders. And the Dutch professionals did not wait any longer to show us all official images of the minivan.


Changes have apparently been very subtle and include only new headlights and a new front grille, to make the car look as much as possible like Golf VI and Scirocco. Engines must be the same, with some improvements, but we will only be able to be sure of that next Wednesday. Stay tuned!

Source: via AutoBlog