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Thursday, 28 May 2009

What would a 1967 Ferrari Dino 246 GT look like today? Paolo Rosa answers with Dino Rosa

Some incredible cars always makes us wonder what would have happened if they had cars that succeeded them. The 1967 Ferrari Dino is certainly one of them. Luckily, there are designers that once in a while try to answer how these cars would look nowadays. Paolo Rosa has done that for Ferrari Dino and came up with Ferrari Dino Rosa Concept, unfortunately only a 1:10 scale model presented at the "Sognando l'automobile" ("Dreaming the automobile") exhibition. It is being hosted by the Museo dell'Automobile Bonfanti-Vimar, in Italy, since April 5 and will be open until Octobre 4.

Although the idea of the exhibition is to present old time toys and scale models, Rosa's concept did not emerge as something to play with, but as a real design work, with feasibility studies for bodywork components, for example. It is a pity the car will probably remain as a scale model, even because it had the intention of reinterpreting the spirit of the original Dino. Taking into consideration the result, it has managed to accomplish its objective.

Source: Car Body Design

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Ariel Atom 500 will have its own 5000 bhp 3-litre V8 engine

There is a British carmaker known for producing one of the best pieces of engineering around. Ariel is the company responsible for the Atom, a car that is so aimed at high performance it didn't even have a windshield not long ago. Now, Ariel wants to be known as the creator of the fastest production car ever produced. Known as Atom 500 V8, the car will soon be released and will be limited to 25 units. Now Ariel has released details on the engine of the car, which will be build especially for it.

The new powerplant will be a 3-litre naturally aspirated V8 able to generate 500 bhp, what indicates it must be a high-revving unit. Since the car will weigh 500 kg, power-to-weight ratio will be 1 bhp/kg The engine will also be extremely light: only 90 kg, with cylinders forming the "V" with an angle of 75º. Adjustable traction and launch control will come as standard features.

Power will be delivered to the rear wheels with the help of a manual Sadev 6-speed sequential transmission. The car may offer paddle shifts behind the steering wheel, but that has not been defined so far, as well as the price. Even so, half of the 25 Ariel Atom 500 have already been sold, possibly in the sort of arrangement in which prices do not count at all. For a car that will be able to sprint from 0 to 96 km/h in under 2.5 s, this comes as no surprise.

Source: Ariel