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Thursday, 5 February 2009

n2a Motors releases the price tags for Anteros and Anteros Roadster

n2a stands for No Two Alike. The name of the company really takes car customisation seriously and it has already demonstrated it with 789, a nostalgic US$ 135,000 car built over a Chevrolet Corvette. Now n2a Motors has revealed the price tags for another of its creations, Anteros.

As all the other cars n2a builts, Anteros is also a modified Corvette. The car takes styling cues from British and Italian machines and will be sold in two body types: coupe and convertible.

This car is powered by the LS7 V8 that power the Z06, but this engine's output can be upgraded to up to 650 bhp with the help of a supercharger. It would be wiser to adopt the LS9 engine that powers the ZR1, but n2a must prefer its own solution.

Prices are US$ 149,500 for the coupe, US$ 154,500 for the roadster and US$ 176,500 for any Anteros built over the Z06 chassi.

Source: n2a Motors via World Car Fans

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