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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

LEAK! - See the first images of parts of the new Dacia Concept

When Renault presented its Brazilian concept, Sand'up, it was a huge disappointment. We expected to see the crossover vehicle that will be produced over the B0 platform, the same one used by Renault/Dacia Logan (sedan, MCV and Pick-Up), Sandero and Nissan Livina. Now Dacia has promised to unveil a new concept at the Geneva Motor Show and there is no comparison to what the French group has presented in Brazil. At least for what parts of this car reveal, something the Polish site has managed to do as a world premiere.

All we can see by these pictures, clearly scanned from some official materials from Dacia, is that the vehicle seems to have a coupe-like silhouette, but big wheels and Brembo brakes, what makes us assume this may be the crossover we expected to see in Brazil.

Sleek headlights and LED taillights also show the car is not only a modified Sandero, although it may have some styling cues in common with B0 hatchback. There are no news on engines or other technical specs, but you know we'll bring them to you as soon as they are revealed.

Source: via CarScoop

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MMOSHARK said...

I do not understand why they have not just accepted water driven vehicles. There are so many alternative fuel sources that can run clean, and if the auto companies would really like to make money and get out of debt they would release completely clean cars. "Green" seems to be the new fad these days and I don't think there is any reason to hold back this technology for any longer. Nikola Tesla had already shown us the free energy possibility in the eary 1900s, driving a "box" down the street with an antenna sticking out.