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Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Artega GT will have a special limited run and will reach the USA

In an interview for Car magazine, Artega executives said that the new German rear-engined sportscar will be sold in the USA by 2010. Powered by a V6 Volkswagen engine, the car runs as good as it looks, as you can see in the following video, recorded at the high-speed Nardo track.

If you still do not know much about Artega GT, it is worth to know a little about its story. GT was first presented at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show and it had a lot of attention not only due to the beautiful design, but also because of its engine position. Only Porsche keeps an engine at the rear of a sportscar nowadays, in 911.

Created by a gauges supplier, Paragon, Artega GT has a unique gauge that works both as a speedometer and a rev counter. Both needles are out from the center, what must have a nice effect when the car is running and engine revolutions fall slightly after each gear change, while speed keeps going up.

In 2008 only 99 units of GT will be produced. They will be named Intro 2008 and will be the individually numbered. After that, 500 units will be produced each year. By 2010, Artega expects to have a new vehicle, lighter and powered by a 2-litre TFSI engine, also from Volkswagen. This is the car that will be exported to the USA. If it keeps the nice design used for GT, plant expasions will soon be needed.

Source: Top Speed

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