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Friday, 12 September 2008

Morflex, the 2050 race car, will really have muscles. And flex them

The world of the cars is changing and we are privileged to witness the changes. When we thought all the new stuff about personal transportation would be electricity, hydrogen and energy recovery, there comes a new idea: smart polymer technology. All things made of this smart polymer, also known as electro-active polymer, behave as muscles when they receive an electric current. In other words, they flex and extend themselves. In a car, that would mean the vehicle would be able to change its shape depending on driving conditions. Create different aerodynamical conditions, if you prefer. Wouldn't that be useful in a race car? This is what the Indian designer Anupam Tomer thought. And the answer he found was the Morflex, the 2050 race car.

Check below the stages of transformation the car would go through:

Besides the aesthetical aspect, the changes help increase down-force with the use of spoilers made of electric-active polymer. Since these spoilers work like muscles, less material is needed to produce the same effects, what keeps the car light. Imagine that in a race track, where the pilot needs less down-force in straight line and more on curves. It is a pity Anupam Tomer has projected that only for 2050. Most of us would like to see a Morflex on race tracks tomorrow. Today they would also be great!

Source: Car Body Design

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