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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Renault proposes a diesel-hybrid crossover concept, the Ondelios

Citroën has recently informed it will present a new concept in Paris which gathers many auto industry tendencies, such as a crossover body and hybrid drivetrain. This is apparently an idea that is shared with its main competitor in France. Renault presented the Ondelios, a vehicle that is also a crossover and also uses a diesel-hybrid propelling system, but much more conceptual, what does not mean it will not be produced.

Vel Satis also seemed distant from a production vehicle when it was presented and it ended in a production line with little changes, so we can expect the same from Ondelios. Renault presents this concept as a flagship and, guess what, the French automaker does not currently have a flagship automobile. It has presented a new Safrane not long ago, but this sedan will be sold in few markets.

Ondelios is a big vehicle (4.81 m long, 2 m wide and 1.61 tall, with a wheelbase of 2.90 m), but it is also very effient. For a start, it is very aerodynamical, with a cx of only 0.29. It also has two electric engines combined to a 2-litre turbodiesel engine. One of these engines is at the back and operates when there is a loss of traction, what makes Ondelios a 4x4. When the engines work together, Ondelios emits only 120 g/km of CO2. Ondelios also presents a seven-speed dual-clucth gearbox. We can expect it to be in Renault production vehicles very soon.

In the interior, six individual seats with individual Samsung screens provide flagship confort. The dashboard employs the new Touch Design approach, with interactive features that resemble a computer and, according to Renault, provide better ergonomy.

Source: Renault

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