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Saturday, 13 September 2008

Bugatti would be preparing a super Veyron with 1,350 bhp

Bugatti Veyron is already the utmost reference in automotive technology, luxury and power, but there are some competitors trying to beat it at least in the last item. According to, that is about to change in March 2009, when Bugatti will release the Veyron GT, an incredible machine able to reach more than 425 km/h with its 1,350 bhp and 1,380 Nm. How do our Dutch friends know that? Because of the document below:

This piece of paper could have been created by anyone, but says it is real. Let's wait for an official confirmation, but it is not something hard to believe. After all, this power upgrade is apparently simple, considering it would only demand more turbo pressure from the four turbochargers that feed the W16. So simple the GT specs would be available to other Veyron owners. Let's wait until March 2009 to confirm that.


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