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Friday, 12 September 2008

Fiat and Iveco present the "Nuova Campagnola" in Italy

Fiat and Iveco have presented today in Italy the "Nuova Campagnola", or the new Campagnola, in English. Based on Massif, the new utility vehicle intends to compete in the same market segment nowadays dominated by Land Rover Defender. And you will understand why when you see the pictures.

The new Campagnola will be sold in Europe under the Iveco logo, although Fiat is historically connected to this name. Fiat will be on Campagnolas grille in other countries, mainly in South America, where the company intends to start offering utility vehicles.

Produced in Spain by Santana Motors, owned by Iveco, Campagnola will have only four seats and two doors. This configuration will put it to fight directly the Defender 90. Powered by a 3-litre turbodiesel engine, the 3.0 HPT, a four-cylindre able to produce 176 bhp and 400 Nm. The first 499 units of Campagnola will be numbered and sold as the special limited edition "Opening Edition". They will surely become collectors' pieces.

Source: Iveco via InfoMotori

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