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Monday, 25 August 2008

New Honda City/Aria appear with no disguise at all

When we said the new Honda Aria/City was more than ready and about to be presented, it was not exaggerated. After being caught in India and China, the car now appear with no disguise at all in what appears to be the factory. The pictures, made by Rehan716, a member of that lives in Lahore, Pakistan, show the car in details:

No new information on the car has been presented, only the same ones we already had: the car will have a 1.5-litre engine that generates 120 bhp. The only one we could provide has emerged because of the pictures. Instead of a CVT, like the one used by Fit/Jazz, the new sedan will probably use a regular automatic transmission. We can tell that because of the paddle shifters behind the wheel. Unless Honda has managed to lock some ratios of the CVT, the new transmission must be the same one used by Civic, with 5 speeds. Check out the other pictures of the new City/Aria.

Source: Pakwheels via AutoBlog

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