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Friday, 22 August 2008

Renault presents the new Sandero Stepway, its first "light SUV"

In many countries, roads are in terrible state. The same countries generally have a population that suffers from low income, what prevents this population to have real SUVs, with four wheel drive etc. In order to offer a cheaper product that could handle the poor road conditions, many automakers, such as Fiat and Volkswagen, have created cars that have a higher suspension. Renault has recently tried to give its cars just the off-road appearance, with Kangoo and Scénic, but Sandero has been chosen to be the first real "light SUV" from the French automaker. Light SUV is what these automakers decided to call these cars, although the lack of a four wheel drive system technically prevents me to adhere to this "marketing concept". SUV or not, the fact is that this Sandero even has a new name: Stepway.

The car will be solely offered with a 16V 1,6-litre flexible engine that generates 115 bhp and will probably be well-equipped, but there is no word on prices or on how much the suspension has been raised. The car will be one of the main attraction from Renault at the 2008 Sao Paulo Motor Show and will be sold in the same month the event opens, October.

Fonte: Renault

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