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Monday, 18 August 2008

McLaren F1 replacement may have leaked into the internet

The supercars era must be this one. If it is not, it will soon become, as most automakers' efforts reveal. The latest one has been from McLaren, which has announced to be developing a new supercar. Since Gordon Murray is developing its own supercar, the father of the new vehicle will surely be a new designer, possibly Frank Stephenson. The fact is the car may have already leaked into the internet, directly into the Slovenian website World Car Fans
has also shown the images, but they may not be true, as the Finnish website points out.

Internally called F12, the new supercar's details are scarce, but it will almost surely not get a Mercedes-Benz engine. Since the partnership between the two companies has ended, the doubt about what will power the new vehicle is yet to be solved. If you have any light on the subject, please get in touch! And check below more images of what may become the new dream of a whole generation of car lovers.

Source: via World Car Fans

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