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Monday, 18 August 2008

New Renault Symbol will be presented in Moscow

There have been some image leaks of the new Renault L35 into the internet, but now we have the real car images, presented today by the French company. The new car will be named Symbol and Thalia, the same names it had in most countries apart from Brazil, where it was named Clio Sedan (what, in fact, it was and still is). Although it will also be produced in Argentina, the first place to meet the new car will be Russia, more precisely at the Moscow Auto Show. Check out the first image:

Considering the names the car will have, it is very likely the previous versions of Symbol, Thalia and Clio Sedan will disappear, since there is no need for an entry level sedan in the markets where this car is sold. Logan already plays this role with a lot of success.

The new car is 4.26 m long, or else, 7 cm bigger than the previous Symbol (4.19 m). A lot less than the 4.60 m spy photographers have said it would have, with no gains on internal space, since the wheelbase has been kept the same, at 2,47 m. Check out the other images of the car.


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