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Wednesday, 27 August 2008

V Eight will give new life to Jensen Interceptor with the SX

V Eight is a British company run by Alan Garnett, former chairman of Morgan, which aims to insert new technology in classic cars, such as Jensen Interceptor. The praised car gets a 6-litre V8 GM engine, the LS2, able to pump out 414 bhp, a 5-speed automatic gearbox, independent rear suspension, racing brakes with vented disks and 17" alloy wheels with low profile tyres. Even so, the car keeps its classic appearance. The new project from V Eight is to create a modern interpretation of the car, with a new design. The one below:

According to, the new Jensen Interceptor SX will get an LS7 engine (7-litre) able to deliver 620 bhp. The design, although entirely new, will be easily recognisable as the one of an Interceptor. At £145,000, only 25 will ever be built, over existing donor cars. All good thing really come in small numbers...


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