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Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Splinter, the wooden supecar, makes first appearance at IWF

Joe Harmon, a designer from North Carolina, decided last year he was going to build the first supercar of the world with a body entirely made of wood. His idea was to first present the car at the 2008 IWF (International Woodworking Fair) in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Named Splinter, the car would have a mid-mounted 4.6-litre V8 NorthStar engine able to produce 600 bhp for the rear wheels, with the help of two Roots superchargers and would weight something below 1,200 kg. For the ones that did not believe the idea, the car was at IWF:

We still have no images of the car there, but as soon as we obtain them, they will be here. Splinter is 4.43 m long, 2.08 m wide, 1.07 m tall and has a wheelbase of 2.67 m. According to Joe Harmon, the car will be fully driveable by December. Let's hope to show you soon a video with the car moving with its beautiful wooden wheels and body!

Source: Joe Harmon Design

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