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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Jon Sibal reveals how the new Aston Martin One-77 will look like

Gifted is what we call people that can make extraordinary things look easy. When you see the image below, created by the designer Jon Sibal to show us how the new Aston Martin One-77 will look like, you may reach the same word we chose to define him.

This is not the first time Jon helps car lovers all around the world to have a good idea of what a future vehicle will be like. He has already done this with the future Mercedes-Benz SLR Speedster. It is worth visiting his blog to have a more detailed idea of his creation and the hard work he had figuring out how the car lines would be from the teaser image Aston Martin has recently released.

As for the new Aston, its body will be handmade from aluminium. The chassis, for resistance and weight reasons, will be entirely build from carbon fibre, while the powerplant of the new supercar will be a 7-litre V12. Considering the 6-litre V12 used by the DB9 generates 477 bhp (350 kW) and pushes the heavier car to 306 km/h, the bigger engine should be able to get the One-77 over 350 km/h. Its price tag is estimated to reach £ 1.2 million, or about US$ 2.25 million.


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