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Wednesday, 27 August 2008

VW Voyage is caught almost undisguised in front of the Brazilian president residence

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Are you curious about the future VW Gol Sedan? Although we prefer to call it VW Voyage, as previous Gol Sedan versions were named in Brazil, one thing is for sure: what was until yesterday a mystery can now be revealed with the help of our Brazilian reader Marcus Vinicius Guandelini, who has managed to photograph the car in front of Palácio da Alvorada, the Brazilian president's residence, in Brasília:

You will be able to notice that the tail lights are covered with white tape in their upper halves, as well as the VW logo in the boot lid, which is not invaded by the tail lights (what appear to be a tail light there, in fact, is also a combination of white and red tape). It was not necessary to cover the VW logo, once there is another unit of the new sedan beside the one that has shown its back. And it wear the VW badge:

Now check the original image, the one Guandelini so kindly sent us to show all readers what to expect from the new sedan, which will be on sale in Brazil from Octobre on and, a little later, in other South American countries.

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Source: Marcus Vinicius Guandelini

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