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Friday, 8 August 2008

How can you regenerate energy? Try the Phoenix Concept

A vehicle that looks like a car but behaves like two motorcycles put together already demands more attention than the others. What if it looks like that in order to regenerate energy? Well, this is the case for the Phoenix Concept, a project from the Portuguese designer Sergio Loureiro da Silva:

Besides being lighter than similar sized vehicles, Phoenix is divided in two parts in order to generate energy by the movement it does in curves. This is achieved by a central kinetic axis. There is also a wind turbine, to generate more electric power, and even the suspension work is used to preserve power. The rear wheel drive vehicle has its rear wheels designed in a way that less pieces are necessary, what reduces weight and friction.

Will the idea ever be put into practice, or else, will the Phoenix ever be built? Probably not, but its concepts may be in real life vehicles sooner than we would expect. And not only because time is running faster every single day, but because the future happens to be really close in what relates to cars.

Source: Car Body Design

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