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Thursday, 7 August 2008

Should Citroën rebuilt the 2CV in this body?

In 2008 Citroën 2CV celebrates its 60th birthday. In 2008 there will an edition of the Paris Motor Show. Citroën could take advantage of the two events and present its idea for a modern 2CV, as well as VW has done with the Coccinelle/Beetle, Fiat has done with the 500 and BMW has done with Mini. While we see no image of such a car, if there is any, David Portela has helped us figure out what it could look like:

If this car was ever built, according to Portela, it would be 4.20 m long and would use a hybrid or flex powertrain in order to be environmentaly friendly. Whether his idea is adopted or not, the fact is most of us would love to see the 2CV back into the streets. Let's see what Citroën has to tell us about that.

Source: David Portela

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