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Thursday, 7 August 2008

Will Transformers turn this concept into Corvette C7?

Movies surely do not have that power, but the sequence of "Transformers" has brought a car that, among many that are already produced, such as Hummer H2, or are about to be, such as Chevrolet Beat, seems to be in one of these two conditions. Meet the vehicle that is being pointed out as the next generation Corvette, the C7:

This gorgeous vehicle can be reputed as the next Corvette for many reasons. First of all, it is a car that really works. Secondly, there is more than one of these "concepts" in the picture. Thirdly, and most important of all, it keeps the basic identity of a Corvette. The first two factors could be credited to shooting demands, although "Speed Racer" has not used a single working automobile.

It will be no surprise if, besides the movie, this car appears as a Corvette Concept in Detroit or any other relevant international motor show, only to have its series production announced to begin a couple of years ahead. This story may sound like the movies but, for now, it really is!


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