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Thursday, 7 August 2008

It's official: the new VW Golf will start at 16,500 EUR

You have already seen the sixth generation of the VW Golf here, but now the German automaker has released interesting details on its bestseller. Maybe the best of the news it the starting price of the car: 16,500 EUR. It is a pity no new images have been released, so I will have to reuse the old ones:

As it was already expected, the new Golf, considered by Volkswagen the best of them all (and would the automaker say anything different, considering it is the one it will sell for at least the next six years?), will be sold in Europe soon after its public introduction, at the Paris Motor Show, in October. Later it will be sold in Africa, Asia, Australia and North America.

No word has been said on South America, probably because the company intends to produce the new Golf in Brazil and to export it to other countries from here. The reason is simple: it is too soon to announce that, considering the fourth generation, still produced in Brazil, has been recently modified to stand a few more years. Let's hope them to be very few.

At least eight engines have already been confirmed for the new Golf: two 2-litre turbodiesels, generating 81 kW and 103 kW, two other turbodiesels, undefined, that develop 66 kW and 125 kW, and six petrol engines, producing 59 kW, 75 kW, 90 kW and 118 kW. The last two are the 1.4 TSI, while the first ones have not been revealed but the 75 kW will almost certainly be the 1.6-litre already in use in the currents Polo and Golf. The entry level engine may be a 1-litre or a 1.2-litre engine. All of them already meed Euro 5 standards.

The engines are more fuel efficient. Mated with six and seven-speed DSG transmissions, automated dual-clutch gearboxes, they can lower their fuel consumption in up to 28%. Volkswagen reached this number by comparing the previous 2-litre FSI engine that generated 112 kW and had a six-speed automatic transmission with the new 118 kW 1.4 TSI with a seven-speed DSG. Not exactly a fair comparison, but, for a Golf client, a very nice swap.

While it is cheaper to build, the MK VI Golf is also said to be quieter and more sophisticated than the previous one. Seven airbags (including one for the knees), WOKS head restraints, which avoid whiplash trauma (already used by Volvo for almost a decade), "automatic distance control" (ACC), "adaptive chassis control" (DCC), "park steering assistant", a finer ESP system, a "seatbelt detection" for the back seats and standard daytime running lights are also offered for the new generation Golf.

I still do not have information on dimensions or weight, but I will keep you guys posted!

Source: Volkswageng

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