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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Veritas RS III comes to life with 600 bhp engine

In 1948, Ernst Loof, Schorsch Meyer and Lorenz Dietrich, BMW employees and race car fans, founded a company that would be known for its short life and its fantastic cars. Created from a BMW 328,the Veritas became the first German car to enter a Formula 1 race. In 1952, the company ended its activities with only 75 cars produced. Sixty years after it was created, Veritas, which means Truth, in Latin, has resurrected with the RS III, the nice car you can see below.

Produced by Vermot AG, the RS III is, as its design denounces, a raw sports car. There is no place for anyone other than the driver, by the left side of the car, centimetres above the ground. And this is not a metaphor, especially in a car that is 0.97 m high.

Low, close to the ground, long (4,99 m, with a 2.84 m wheelbase) and wide (1.97 m), the RS III doesn’t even have to weigh between 1.080 kg to 1.170 kg to present its furious credentials, but it does. With two BMW engine options, both 5-litres, the supercar uses a 480 bhp V8 that pushes it to a maximum speed of 329 km/h and to 100 km/h in 3.6 s and a 600 cv V10 that makes it accelerate to up to 347 km/h and until 100 km/h in mere 3.2 s.

If you are familiar with Bugatti Veyron and SSC Ultimate Aero, these numbers may not seem that impressive, but imagine that the car has no aids at all. No dynamic stability control, no anti-skid system and not even a brake servo. Defy this lion baby carelessly and you will see the size of its teeth.

That chance, anyway, will be available only to 30 brave customers every year. Prices, no need to say, will not be exactly accessible.

Source: Vermot AG

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