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Sunday, 10 August 2008

Check out the new Honda City/Aria, the sedan from Fit/Jazz

You may have already seen Team-BHP pictures on the new Honda City/Aria, but now the Argentinea designer Jorge Luis Fernández, owner of the Area 75 website, allowed us to show the car with no camouflage. Check it out:

As it is evident, the new small sedan will not be a Frankenstein, or else, a Fit/Jazz with a boot, but rather an entirely new car, apart from its underpinnings. We can almost say it will be a mini-Civic, either for the ones that cannot afford the original one or for the ones that need a smaller car to fit in their parking spaces. With a wheelbase of 2.50 m, the new sedan will be built in Asia and Argentina, with the same engines the new Fit/Jazz adopts, a 1.4-litre pumping out 100 bhp and a 1.5-litre generating 120 bhp. Expect the car for 2009.

Source: Area 75

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