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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

New VW Lupo and Seat Arosa will be built in Slovakia

Do you remenber VW up!, or, better saying, the future VW Lupo? Well, it would be 21st century Beetle, with its engine at the rear, but Volkswagen has decided to give it a more common engine position. It has also decided to announce where its New Small Family (NSF) will be produced. Bratislava, in Slovakia, will be the hometown not only for VW Lupo, but also for a new Seat Arosa and a Skoda sibling. Audi may have decided to give up of its version or waiting a little more to announce it.

Production will start by 2011 and the car will very likely start to be sold around the same time. There will initially be two versions of the car, in three-door and five-door configurations. Not officially announced, but expected, are the cabrio and a crossover version that will be called CrossLupo, which is likely to hit the market by 2012.

Engines will be very fuel efficient, such as a 1-litre three cylinder petrol powerplant. Diesel and electric options will also be available, this latest a little more ahead in time. This is why Audi may not have announced its version so far. It may wait until development of the electric version is its final stages to do so.

Source: Volkswagen

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