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Saturday, 25 April 2009

2011 Fiat Uno, known as project 327, appears in Minas Gerais, Brazil

Most of you must know Fiat intends to bring back the name Uno. The car is still being generated under the codename "Project 327". What you still did not have was an image of this car, but Marlos Ney Vidal, from the blog Autos Segredos, has fixed this problem with over one month waiting for the car to show up. And it has eventually happened, as you can see below.

The car will hit the Brazilian market in 2010 as a 2011 model and will present front airbags as a standard equipment, something the Brazilian law has just recently demanded. Expect for three and five door versions. Besides that, Vidal also tells us the car will share its platform, or architecture, if you prefer, with the next generation of Panda. It is not clear if the next Panda will adopt the name Uno in Europe or if there will be a Uno and a Panda in the Old World, besides the next Topolino.

These vehicles will have different interior versions. The European will be based on the interior of 500, while the South American Uno will share some parts with Fiat Palio. Since we have mentioned this car, it's new generation is also being developed in Brazil and Vidal promises to bring us the images of the so called "Project 326" very soon. We will be waiting!

Source: Autos Segredos

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