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Monday, 20 April 2009

Jaguar start the countdown for the radically new XJ

We have already seen many spy pictures of the next generation of Jaguar XJ and, although the car seemed to be distant from its presentation (it was expected to happen only in 2011), the British company had different plans for the car. Earlier plans, in fact, considering it will be officially revealed on July 9. Meanwhile, Jaguar will present pictures of its new flagship little by little. And the first one its the one below.

Jaguar has created the website in order to have a countdown and to present 22 pictures of the project X351. Considering there are 11 weeks until the car is fully revealed, we can expect two new pictures of the car every week until July 9.

The new XJ platform is basically the same one used by the current vehicle. Made entirely of aluminium, it uses aeronautical technology and is already one of the most advanced vehicles of its market segment. The new XJ promises to take that to a new level.

Source: Jaguar

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