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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Citroën presents the C-Quatre Sedan, a possible replacement for C4 Pallas

Citroën C4 Pallas, the sedan version of C4, has been first presented in China as the C-Triomphe in June 2006. Now there is a new sedan based on C4, but it is called C-Quatre Sedan, a difference that can only be explained due to the fact that Chinese people think the number four represents bad luck (and that most of them must not know Quatre means Four in French). The car, which initially was considered to be a mere "taillift" of C-Triomphe, is in fact a new car.

The back end of the car is clearly inspired on the back of the new C5, a car that will be sold in China by 2010. Sales will begin in June. C-Quatre Sedan is 4.56 m long, 1.77 m wide and 1.49 m tall, with a wheelbase of 2.61 m, the same one presented by C4. C-Triomphe is longer (4.77 m) and presents a bigger wheelbase (2.71 m). The luggage compartment in C-Quatre Sedan is also smaller than the one presented by C-Triomphe: 481 l, against 580 l.

These differences make us sure that both C-Triomphe and C-Quatre Sedan will be sold in China. And that can be reassured considering there is no word about the new car replacing any other. In smaller markets, such as in South America, the new C-Quatre Sedan could replace C4 Pallas with cost advantages (a single platform to hatchback and sedan versions) and an appearance that will certainly please a lot more people. Let's wait for news on that. Meanwhile, have another look at the car, in multiple angles.

Source: Citroën

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