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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Protoscar will present the new Lampo at 2009 Geneva Motor Show

Geneva Motor Show has long been one of the most environmental friendly car events of the world for a while. Besides that, it happens in Switzerland, what explains why Protoscar, a company based in the same country, has decided to present there its concept car, Lampo. This cabriolet, totally powered by electric engines, is an example of what future cars can be.

It would be fun enough just by being a convertible, but there is more fun behind the apparently nice looks of the car. Lampo also has 268 bhp and 440 Nm from 0 to 5,000 rpm to perform in a superb way on roads. The car has two electric engines, produced by BRUSA, each of them installed in one of the car axles, front and rear. With lithium-ion batteries able to provide 35 kWh, Lampo can run up to 200 km with a full charge.

The cabriolet from Protoscar can be recharged on any regular power outlet, on a remote 16kWp photovoltaic plant or through its regenerative brakes.

The idea with Lampo is not to turn it into a production vehicle, but to use the solutions proposed by it to improve real cars. Since we still do not have any idea on how the car really looks, we will wait for better images in order to be ok with that. Or to be sorry.

Source: Protoscar via CarBodyDesign

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