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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Bentley presents its most powerful convertible, GTC Speed

For a lot of people, accelerating a vehicle with a retractable top is a pleasure no matter which speed this vehicle can reach. For others, if it is possible to make speed match with this contact with the sun, riding this way becomes even better. It is for these customers Bentley has developed its most powerful convertible, GTC Speed, which counts on 610 bhp to move ahead. The car will be presented at this year's Detroit Auto Show.

GTC Speed is 4.80 m long, 2.19 m wide, 1.39 m tall (with its top on) and counts on a 2.75 m wheelbase. All the power that is available for the superconvertible comes from a 6-litre W12 biturbo petrol engine. Even though the car is very heavy (it weighs 2,485 kg), its powerplant proves to be very efficient. Top speed with the top on is 322 km/h and 312 km/h if the top it down. It also takes only 4.8 s to sprint the car from 0 to 100 km/h.

Besides the stronger engine (the "entry level" GTC is only 560 bhp), GTC Speed is 1 cm lower in front and 1.5 cm lower in the rear in order to have a better handling. Brakes have also been upgraded and, as an option, buyers can choose carbon-ceramic discs, the biggest ones ever fitted to a production series automobile: 420 mm in front and 356 mm in the back. The system also features eight-piston calipers.

Source: Bentley

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