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Thursday, 8 January 2009

EXCLUSIVE! - First shots of uncovered BMW M7

One of our readers, Francisco Maciel, lives in Germany and has kindly sent us images of what appears to be final version of a car many did not expect to see, but the fifth generation of BMW 7 Series was expected to bring to life: the brand new M7.

"I was shopping in a supermarket in Ulm, about 100 km west from Munich, and this car was parked right beside me", said Maciel. At first, he thought it was the 2011 5 Series because the car looked smaller than the new 7 Series. Besides that, the car had a very sporty appearance, with black wheels and dual exhaust on each side of the car. It could be an M5, but it is just too soon to have this car so undisguised. Since 7 Series cars never had that ambition, it was difficult to know what vehicle this could be, but the brand new F01 7 Series was expected to have a version to compete with S 63 AMG. Someone could also have changed a 7 Series, but why would the owner cover the badges with black tape?

The new M7 is expected to have a twin-turbo V12 and to be lighter than the regular sedan, what would make it have an overall better handling that does not count only on a huge load of horsepower. Anyway, expect it to have more than 600 bhp.

Considering M7 looks ready for dealerships, we would bet on an official presentation to happen in March, at this year's edition of Geneva Motor Show.

If you see any new car around, manage to make pictures of it and would like to share it, please to not hesitate to send us your images. We will be glad to publish them and to tell your history to our other readers, just as we have told Maciel's!

Source: Francisco Maciel (pictures)


Sebastian said...

Well, I guess it is the 760Li. And the pipes are an hommage to the E32.

Gustavo Henrique Ruffo said...

It is possible, Sebastian, but not the L. The car even seemed to be smaller than the 7 Series and Maciel thought the car could be the new 5 Series. He has already seen the F01, so the car really looks very different, sportier. I still bet on the M7.

Aleem said...


Bogdan said...

Hmmm... Nice car, but I don't think that's the M7. If I think well, there was never produced an M7 and I don't think they'll start now...


Aleem said...

Could well be a M7 as the Large Executive Market for Power has never been so competitive like you have Audi S8, Merc S63, Bentley Saloon GT Speed, Jaguar XJR-R etc etc.

My guess is that it's a M7 as the front headlight clusters gave the car away....a new 7 series.

Insomniac said...

The tuning company Hamann is based in Ulm, isn't it? It's more likely that this is a kit for the new 7er from them...

saad said...

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