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Saturday, 10 January 2009

Jaguar XF-R will show its claws at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show

Few cars must have been photographed so often when they were being developed as the beautiful sedan below. This is Jaguar's answer for BMW M5, Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMG and Audi RS6, and the answer comes in a subtle, but powerful way, as we should expect from any feline. The new XF-R will be officially presented at the 2009 edition of Detroit Auto Show and promises to be a real head-turner when it hits the streets.

Besides the great looks, the car is powered by a new-generation AJ-V8 engine, a 5-litre powerplant that counts on the help of a Roots-type twin vortex system (TVS) supercharger to be even stronger. With it, XF-R has 510 bhp from 6,000 rpm to 6,500 rpm and 625 Nm from 2,500 rpm to 5,500 rpm. 0 to 100 km/h is a task accomplished in 4.9 s and the top speed could surpass 300 km/hm, but it is electronically limited to 250 km/h.

Since a powerful engine is not the only thing that matters in a car that is good to drive, Jaguar has made improvements to its Active Differential Control and to Adaptive Dynamics, a system that controls the car suspension. Both work together in order to give the car better grip and handling in all situations. Brakes have also been improved, and must be a nice vision through the 20-inch alloy wheels.

We could describe the minimum and very adequate changes that have been made to the appearance of the car, but we prefer to leave it up to you in the pictures below. Have a nice time exploring the official photos of this gorgeous cat.

Source: via CarScoop

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