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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Cardi turns a Porsche Cayenne into a Russian classic, Volga GAZ-21

If you had a car such as Porsche Cayenne, what would you do? Would you drive it as it is (and enjoy it)? Would you tune it? Well, if you were the Russian company Cardi, you would surely turn it into a Volga GAZ-21, a classic car from Russia. Do you doubt it? Then check the pictures below. Believe it or not, it is a Cayenne. At least underneath this fiberglass skin.

Cardi has used a Cayenne Turbo, with all its 450 bhp, as a basis for the transformation. All the original body has been removed and a Volga GAZ-21 has been electronically mapped, with the help of lasers, in order to obtain a 3D model of the classic Russian car. After that, the 3D model of Volga has been adjusted to Cayenne's structure, much bigger than Volga's.

The body, made of fiberglass, has kept the same appearance of GAZ-21, transforming the German SUV into a sedan with a luggage compartment of 370 l. Volga Cayenne, as Cardi has named the project, is 5.09 m long, 2.09 m wide, 1.74 m tall and has a wheelbase of 2.86 m.

Windshield and all glasses of Volga Cayenne have been tailored made, what gives an almost exact idea of how much money has been spent on the project. A lot. Therefore, it is very likely the company believes a lot of Cayenne owners will decide to have their Volga GAZ-21 in a more modern style very soon. Let's wait to see if Cardi will really offer the transformation to anyone interest. And how many would be willing to change their Porsche badges on the hood for a Volga GAZ-21 appearance.

Source: Cardi via CarScoop

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Anatoli said...

Yeah, not bad, but please, take away this stupid Stalin from the sides and replace those owful wheels with something more classy and bigger.