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Sunday, 26 October 2008

OFFICIAL!!! - See new images and information on Chevrolet GPiX

GM do Brasil has presented today its concept car for Sao Paulo Auto Show, Chevrolet GPiX. G is for "Global" and PiX is short for picture. What GM intends to say with that name is that this is what the company envisions for a future small crossover. It means that, besides Brazil, the small crossover that will be built from project Viva may be sold globally. If Ford succeeds to sell many Fiesta units to the USA, why wouldn't GM sell its small crossover there also? Not confirmed, but very likely.

Unfortunately, what can be understood as a concept car in most developed countries cannot be applied to Brazilian concept cars. GPix, for example, will not be a functional vehicle, only a 1:1 show model. The interior images you see below are mere renderings and so shall they remain until a real vehicle emerges, something that it expected for the end of 2009, if not the beginning of 2010.

Dimensions are the ones we expected, but have not been officially informed. The car is about 4 m long, has a 2.50 m wheelbase and its height is around 1.70 m. Its width must not exceed 1.75 m. Although relatively small, GPiX was presented with 235/45 R18 Kuhmo tyres.

Althought it was only a model, the car presented a fake rear differential, what allows us to expect an all wheel drive crossover. It also had a glass roof, a solution that has never been used by any carmaker installed in Brazil.

Check GPiX in all angles below. If only it had an engine or a real interior...

Source: GM do Brasil

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