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Saturday, 1 November 2008

Renautl Sand'up is nothing but a chopped up Sandero

What could have been something for Renault Brazilian engineers to become proud of turned into something... frustrating. Largely anticipated by Renault, Sand'up Concept could present a glimpse of what will become the future small SUV from the French carmaker, based on the B0 platform, the same one used for Logan, Sandero and the upcoming Nissan Livina and Grand Livina. Instead, it became a tuned Sandero Stepway. It was pleasant to see, but not even by far an SUV. No AWD, no different front end, not a larger body... Nothing unusual.

We may be to blame, since we have expected more than anyone has promised (Renault didn't promise anything at all), but the first concept car from the French automaker should be something more than a tuned and chopped up Sandero. Some tried to see it as an anticipation of a Sandero pick-up truck, but we gave up on believing it anticipates anything at all. It only shows what customisation people already do for years.

All Renault line-up, by the way, has been tuned in order to become an attraction. Mégane Sedan receive a new equipment package, called Extreme, Logan and Sandero got a F1 fitting and Sandero appeared in its Stepway version. Nothing that Brazilian customers couldn't do themselves, or see very soon in any dealer. If you get the chance to go to Sao Paulo Auto Show and really want to see something new and interesting at Renault's stand, look at the women. They wear much less make-up than the cars.

Fonte: Renault

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