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Saturday, 1 November 2008

Troller T4 makes its first public appearance at Sao Paulo Auto Show

For 4x4 fans, there is another attraction at Sao Paulo Auto Show: Troller T4. This Brazilian SUV that has been sold to some countries when its company was independent. It has been bought in 2006 by Ford, who was seeking for new tax exemptions to increase its production capacity in Brazil. Most fans of T4 have feared its production would be ended up, but Ford apparently is investing in the vehicle's development, as it is clear with the presentation of the 2009 model. Check out its picture at the event.

T4 has had small exterior changes, such as a new removable front grille, to make engine repairs easier, as well as a curved windshield (the old one was flat), more resistant and less vulnerable to small rocks. The interior has been extensively revised and uses Ford components, what makes it look a lot like EcoSport from the inside. The only difference is that Troller T4 is a real off-roader, with known 4x4 capability.

The engine is still the 3-litre inline 4-cylindre MWM/International, able to produce 163 bhp at 3,800 rpm and 380 Nm between 1,600 rpm a 2,200 rpm. Prices will most certainly remain the same or be reduced, due to production process improvements and scale benefits.

Source: Troller and MotorTips

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