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Saturday, 1 November 2008

Can an engineless concept be called a real one?

Stola has started this practice, as well as Fiat, with FCC I, and GM with Prisma Y. In 2006, Stola has promised to bring Maybach Exelero to Brazil, but all the Brazilian audience has seen was a mock-up of the car. Just a shell. Apparently, Sao Paulo Auto Show still needs to gain importance in order to receive the real stuff, as this year's edition has shown.

The first example of that are Chevrolet's main attractions. Neither GPiX nor the Volt presented here are real. Anyway, at least they have real glass on the windows...

Another one that was just a shell was Land Rover LRX. The mock-up, according to the press relation staff of Land Rover, costs US$ 1.5 million, but we wonder how can it be so expensive if it does not even have real windows. The real car, the hybrid, the vehicle that changes the colours of its interior lights depending on how you drive it, has been reserved to Russia (be proud, Russian readers, your market deserved it). It must cost at least ten times more than the mock-up. Summing up, the real car would have impressed us much more.

The last of fake concepts list is Suzuki Kizashi. The big Suzuki sedan is about to be world wide presented, but the concept that has introduced it has been kept in Japan.

When this situation with Stola happened, it was frustrating to tell readers about an engine the car did not have, or see the fake (and thinner) brake discs, or the empty engine compartment. This year's edition was not different, almost as frustrating as the chopped Sandero Renault decided to call Sand'up. Let's hope more vehicles such as Fiat FCC II appear in future events. There are the ones that deserve to be named concepts.

Fonte: MotorDicas

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