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Saturday, 25 October 2008

Bloodhound SSC wants to break ground speed record with over 1,6000 km/h

Andy Green is the owner of the ground speed record, with 1.288 km/h, established in 1997 with Thrust SSC supercar. If you believe this is too much, be prepared for the next attempt to break it. Accord to Richard Noble and Curventa, the new Bloodhound SSC will be able to reach 1,690 km/h or more. Not even an airplane has managed to reach such a high speed in low altitudes. That's five times faster than a F1 car.

The formula to reach this speed is to use two engines at the same time. First of all, the EJ-200 jet engine that power the car will be turned on. When it reaches its top speed, a rocket will be used. Acceleration an deceleration forces will be superior to to 3 g.

One of the major problems Bloodhound SSC will have will be a suitable place for the world record break attempt. A 16 km surface, with no debris or other obstacles, will have to be discovered in any part of the globe. Bonneville Salt Flats are not adequate, as well as the place where the previous record was broken, in the Black Rocket Desert.

Source: Curventa

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