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Sunday, 19 October 2008

Insecta Concept shows how nature can help manking move

Car design has long been limited to combustion engine requirements. Electric propulsion has come both to make cars cleaner and to allow different ideas to flourish. A pretty good example of that is Insecta Concept, or Concept Meng (grasshopper, in Chinese), a vehicle conceived by Taiwanese design student Shao Yung Yeh.

Insecta Concept is an individual means of transportation with four wheels and an electric engine at each wheel. Each of them is linked to an individual arm and all four arms are linked to the base of the vehicle, which holds the cabin. These arms work as insect legs and adjust themselves to road conditions.

The batteries of the car are in the "tail" of Insecta Concept. Since their package moves, it can control the gravity centre of the vehicle and improve stability in all conditions. Safety is ensured by a lightweight cabin that is also extremely resistant, just like an insect's exoskeleton. It would be nice if, just like grasshoppers, this individual car managed to reproduce quickly and invaded all big cities with a more rational, green and yet comfortable means of transportation.

Source: Car Body Design

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