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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Who will build the Gordon Murray Design T.25?

When you check the pictures below, you may think they are just a joke, but there may not be nothing more serious in the automotive world nowadays than that. The first picture of this post is the only official glimpse we have had so far on the Gordon Murray Design T.25, a microcar that promises not only to turn cars into more rational means of transportation, but also car production into something smaller, cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

The production system created by Gordon Murray, the father of machines such as McLaren F1, is called iStream. It consists on a simplified and flexible assembly process, which could reduce a current car manufacturing plant to 20% of its actual size. Capital investments would, therefore, be also only 20% of what is spent nowadays. Or even less, considering the same plant could produce many variants. Benefits would also reach carbon emission, which would be reduced both in the car and in the factory. We are sure if it was not a great idea it would not be called one of the most important steps in car production since Henry Ford invented the production lines.

Gordon Murray has already been contacted by 15 potencial clients in 12 different countries. The companies that have searched for iStream and T.25 are not necessarily established automakers, but companies that may be seeking to become one.

Check below some of the advantages T.25 and iStream are said to offer. If you believe no other car can be so extraordinary as McLaren F1, you should give these images credit. They have been done by the guy that made automotive dreams come true.

Source: Gordon Murray Design

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