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Monday, 23 March 2009

OFFICIAL! - Volkswagen presents the sixth generation of Golf GTI

It took more than expected, but finally here is the sixth generation of VW Golf GTI, a car that is able to reach a top speed of 240 km/h and that goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.9 s.

The new Golf GTI is 4.21 m long, 1.78 m wide, 1.47 m tall and weighs 1,318 kg (1,339 kg with the DSG gearbox). It is powered by the 2-litre TSI engine, able to pump out 210 bhp at 5,300 rpm and 280 Nm at 1,700 rpm. The 18-inch alloy wheels that were fitted to the concept car that introduced the new GTI have given room to 17-inch alloy wheels with 225/45 R17 tyres.

The sixth generation of Golf GTI remais a front wheel drive car, ruled by a six-speed manual gearbox that can optionally be replaced by a DSG transmission. The car also counts on the help of a XDS electronically controlled limited slip differential and DCC (Dynamic Chassis Control), which features shock absorbers and a steering system that are ruled by three electronic modes: Normal, Sport and Comfort. They explain themselves.

The new Golf GTI VI is also one of the safest ever, with seven airbags (including one for the knees) and ACC, or Adaptive Cruise Control, an equipment that controls the speed of the car with the help of sensors in order to keep a safe distance from the car ahead.

Source: Volkswagen

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