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Monday, 9 February 2009

What would a Viper have been if presented in 1967? Rafael Reston answers that

Some cars are classic cars because of their age and of their power, such as Chevrolet Corvette. Some others are classic cars because of what they represent. This is what happens with Viper, a sportscar that could have been discontinued due to the crisis Dodge is facing, but which will be sold to anyone willing to keep it alive. What would that car have been if it was also presented in the past? Let's say... in 1967? Check what the Brazilian designer Rafael Reston thinks about that below. And tell us if you agree with his vision.

"The 1967 Viper Concept came out when I decided to find out what Viper could have been if it was created in the 1960's. With that in mind, I made an extensive research on materials and building processes of that time. The idea was to design something very close to what could have been done in 1967. Big round headlights, 15-inch wheels and a little of Dodge's main styling cues, but in a sportier way, pushing them to a car that did not exist at the time", Reston told MotorTips.

Although it seems to be a classic car, Reston's Viper kept some of Viper's main characteristics. "This car maintains the roof line, the scoop in the hood, the long bonnet, the driver almost sitting over the rear axle and many more, such as the headlights and the taillights." Under the hood, Reston would have placed a 440-Magnum V8, the same one that was used by Challenger R/T. "It would be stronger, of course. The V10 would not be very easy to produce in 1967. It would make the car become very expensive", Reston said.

The research Reston has performed was so intense he can even determine the price the car would have. "According to my conclusions, the 1967 Viper would have cost US$ 4,110, what would make it a great contender against Chevrolet Corvette." Since Viper did not have that past, we only hope it still has a future ahead. Hopefully, a bright one.

Source: Rafael Reston

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