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Thursday, 12 February 2009

SCOOP! - Reader snaps Peugeot 207 Pick-Up in Rio de Janeiro

The Brazilian Peugeot 207 did not deserve to be called 207. After all, it is just a facelifted 206. Anyway, there is a new version of the car being prepared by Brazilian engineers that could bear that name with no shame, since there will be no other model like it for sale with the same name. Gentlemen, thank our reader Bruno Francisco da Silva for the picture below. It was taken in January 30 in Resende, Rio de Janeiro, and proves Peugeot is developing its first small pick-up truck in the world. It will probably be called 207 Pick-Up. Check it out.

With the same suspension used for 207 Escapade, a sort of a crossover version of 206 SW, it is currently under development, as you can see by the heavy disguise, and it will be presented by the end of 2009. Exports are certain, or else, this vehicle will also be sold in most South American markets. Besides the 1.4-litre and 1.6-litre flexfuel engines, it will also offer two diesel options, a 70 bhp 1.9-litre and a 90 bhp 2-litre.

If you manage to find and photograph a new car running around, disguised or not, and want to share you finding with us, do not hesitate to contact us andsend us your pictures. Please do not forget to authorise us to publish them. We will be glad to share them with our other readers, as we have done with Silva's picture!

Source: Bruno Francisco da Silva

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