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Thursday, 12 February 2009

Tesla reveals first teaser photo of the Model S sedan

Fisker Karma will soon start to have competitors emerging. Besides Chevrolet Volt, Tesla also wants to present a clean solution for the transport of more than two people. It will be called Model S and will be officially presented on March 26, but the company has given us the chance of imagining what this totally electric sedan will look like.

The vehicle will be a five-seater. Unlike Volt or Karma, it will not count on the help of a combustion engine to have its range extended. All power will come from the car's batteries, what may represent a range not bigger than 350 km. This is how much Tesla Roadster can run on a single full charge.

Model S's range could be bigger, if top speed was limited to, let's say, 160 km/h. Anyway, Model S will surely be heavier than Roadster, what will affect the distance the car will be able to run.

Tesla expects a US$ 400 million loan from the US Department of Energy in order to build a factory for Model S in the USA and develop its sedan. If everything goes fine with that, we may be able to see the production version ready by 2011.

Source: Tesla via Autoblog Green

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