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Friday, 13 February 2009

VW presents the first sketch of its new mid-size sedan, the NMS

What is the best way to have huge sale numbers in a country? Establishing a plant there is certainly the answer and this is what Volkswagen plans to do in the USA with a new factory in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA. The first product to leave its production lines, in 2011, will be the NMS, or New Mid-size Sedan, a car that the German automaker has presented in a light way with the rendering below.

This car is expected to be as big as the current Passat, what will assure lots of space inside. Luggage will also have plenty of room and the planned engines are the FSI and TFSI petrol units and TDI powerplants.

The NMS, which will still have its definite name defined, will also be sold in other markets and will be built over a platform that is easier to build than the current Golf VI, what will probably put it in emerging markets such as India, Russia and Brazil. A hatchback version based on it, prone to replace older versions of Golf in these markets, is also expected to appear.

Source: VW via CarScoop

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