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Friday, 3 October 2008

Pininfarina B0 is officially presented in homage to Andrea Pininfarina

2008 will be marked both as a bad year and as a good year to Pininfarina. In the same period, Andrea Pininfarina has died in a senseless accident and B0, may one of the most important cars in the studio's history, has been officially revealed as a mass-production electric car. And it is not only revolutionary due to its source of energy, which uses lithium metal polymer (LMP) batteries, a technology developed by Bolloré, but also because it has been drawn and receives a Pininfarina badge.

Pininfarina will mass-produce the car in Turin by the end of 2009 and will sell it as a vehicle of its own. The small car, which carries four people and has four doors, is able to run up to 250 km with one charge and to reach 130 km/h of top speed, electronically limited to preserve the batteries. Acceleration from 0 to 60 km/h is accomplished in 6.3 s.

Pininfarina was struggling to get better financial results when Andrea died. We hope B0 sells a lot in order to help save this major design studio from closing its doors.

Source: Pininfarina

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