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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

BMW releases first images of X1 Concept

Some people really manage to keep secrets. If BMW was a person, it would be exactly of this kind, as it has proven with the X1 Concept. Official pictures have been just released and they reveal what will become the smallest SUV from the German automaker, although it will surely call it something else, such as SAV, SAC... whatever. According to Car Magazine, it will be called SAW, or Sport Activity Wagon.

Codenamed E84, the X1 is expected to hit dealers' showrooms next year. Although Car Magazine says its platform is the same one used by the current 3 Series, or else, E90, we believe it must be the same one used by the 1 Series, E87. Anyway, X1 is 4.46 m long and has a wheelbase of 2.76 m, what makes it only 11 cm smaller than X3, which a 3.5 cm shorter wheelbase.

Engines will very likely be the same ones used by the 1 Series. Besides the X1, BMW is also preparing the X2, the "coupe" version of the small SUV.

Source: Car Magazine

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